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What is online classes & how it's different from conventional classes?

1. What is Online Classes ?– In Conventional classes students go to tuition center in a group or teacher goes to student’s location. This tradition was followed since ancient. This kind of education system was pursued not even in India but also other countries of the world like: USA, Canada, UK, France, China, Japan etc. Both kind of states, developed or developing countries were following this conventional way of teaching or learning. This kind of system had it’s significance. Students and teachers interaction  was possible at one physical place.

But in this method (Online Classes) there is a requirement of good internet connection. In this method of study, there is no need to go in coaching center. Teachers also no need to go at the home of the students. Both learners and tutors interconnect via computer or any other devices like smartphone, tablet, & laptop. Both of them reside physically at their home. Some application like google classroom, skype, Zoom, whatsapp, facebook etc. can be used to attend the classes online.

2. Why Online Classes ?– There are a lot of reasons to choose online classes comparatively to Home tuition and Group tuitions.

       (i) Technological Evolution: Before one or two decade there were limitations to use internet, technology. But now technology has evolved and further it is going on very fast day by day. Now in 2020, there are 564.5 millions internet users in India. Almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020, encompassing 59 % of the world population.

(ii) Flexibility: Students can schedule classes according to their flexibility of time. Their is no time ceiling for them. Students can record any lecture and can watch later for revision. From his/her home pupil can ask any doubt with educator at real time. Online tuition is the way for present time and upcoming time also.

(iii) Cost Efficient: When tutor come at your home for enlightenment of your kid, this method is expensive because teacher loses some time in traveling and teacher can teach single student at one time. While in online classes more than one students of same classes can join simultaneously with a single teacher. So in this method of teaching students can find better study material at low cost. Another benefit is students never feels bore in e-learning course.

(iv) Easy To Access: As we know now students are very smart and wants to handle multiple tasks at once. They do not wants to lavish their precious time in traveling or wait. In Online courses Students can access live lessons through any place of the world like- their home or any spot, while travelling or any position. It is too easy to access as to open & use of computer, mobile and access internet.

        (v) Urgency Of Time: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, at the present moment thewhole world facing the problem of lock-down. Various Government as well as International institutions advised that we should make social distancing in between peoples. CORONA virus forced to close all Schools, Colleges and Coaching center. Home tuition could not be continue in this situation. So this is the necessity to continue hassle free education, we should move towards the ONLINE TUITION CLASSS.

3. Why NCERT Junction ?–  We are in teaching profession since 2008. There are a lot of causes but we can suggest three most significant reasons to prefer us.

(i) Technically efficient teachers with ZOOM, Skype, Google, & live Classes.

(ii) We provide Immense Experienced teachers. 

(iii) We take care of your privacy to provide Safe and Secure platform.

4. What We Offer ?: We provide free video lectures on YouTube.

(i) Live Interactive Group Classes (6th To 12th).

(ii) Premium One To One Classes (6th to 12th).

(iii) We provide free video lectures on YouTube.

Note: These On-Line Courses can be attend via Skype, Google Classroom, Zoom, Live board interactive whiteboard and other mode can also be prefer as students necessitate.


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