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Dear Students, This course is designed for Class 11th students. But it is very important for those students who want preparation for civil services. Political Theory for class 11th, provides a wide range of concepts and advanced information regarding the Political Science. The concepts given in this book are even more important for every citizens to understand their rights, Freedom, and duties etc.

After 10th, Now you have chosen Humanities or Art stream. In this stream, You will study Political science in next 2 years. But in class 11th book “Political Theory for class 11th”,  you will study in detail about the Freedom, Equality, Justice with special reference to Social Justice, Rights, Citizenship, Nationalism, Secularism, Peace, Development and about- Why should we study Political Theory?


  • Develop the skills for logical reasoning and abstraction.
  • Inculcate attention to and respect for viewpoints other than one’s own.
  • Introduce students to the different political thinkers in relation to a concept and in everyday social life.
  • Enable students to meaningfully participate in and develop internal concerns of the political life that surrounds them.
  • Encourage the students to analyse any unexamined prejudices that one may have
  • Understanding of some basic constitutional and political concepts through which we will be more aware about politics of India and the working of Government.


POLITICAL THEORY FOR CLASS 11th has many features like-

  • Each Topic has been written and explained in accordance with the latest guideline issued by CBSE.
  • The Concepts have been systematically explained through the use of Diagrams, tables, and examples.
  • HOTS Questions with answers have been given at the end of each chapter to enhance the student’s understanding, analytical ability, and interpretation.
  • A Quiz of Multiple Choices Questions (MCQ) with answers has been given at the end of Lecture.
  • Questions of NCERT TEXTBOOK also discussed with explanations.
  • VALUE-BASED Questions with answers have been given in the revision section.
  • Practical Problems have been a weightage of 20 marks in the examination. To have a Complete edge, a large number of comprehensive solved and unsolved practical problems have been discussed in our lectures.
  • Power Booster Section has been provided for the knowledge enrichment of the students.
  • This course consist also revision section in which we discuss:

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Class XI (2022-23)

Total Weightage: 100 Marks (Theory 80 + Project Work 20)

A. Theory; Max Marks: 80                                                                                                                             Time: 3 hrs.

  Part B: Political Theory  
Units Contents Marks
8 Political Theory: An Introduction 04
9 Liberty 10
10 Equality
11 Justice 08
12 Rights
13 Citizenship 10
14 Nationalism
15 Secularism 08
Total 40

B. Project Work: 20 Marks

Details of Project Work

  • Out of 20 marks, 10 marks are to be allotted to viva voce and 10 marks for project work.
  • The project can be individual/pair/group of 4-5 each. The Project can be made on the topics given in
    the syllabus of a particular class.
  • The suggestive list of activities for project work is as follows: –
    Role Play, Skit, Presentation, Model, Field Survey, Mock Drills/Mock Event etc.
  • The topics for Project Work taken up by the student must be discussed by the teacher in classroom.

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Since 2008, We NCERT JUNCTION providing Best offline Coaching Classes for Pol Science in Greater Noida. Now we are serving Online Tuition For Humanities Class 11 in very interactive way. Political Science For Class 11th has two books. One is related to Indian Constitution at work and second is related to theories of political science. We have proved many times that NCERT JUNCTION is the best coaching for humanities or art for class 11.

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 60 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language ENGLISH, HINDI
  • Students 67
  • Certificate No
  • Assessments Yes
  • Unit 8: Political Theory: An Introduction 0

    What is Politics? Politics V/s Political Theory, Importance of Political Theory.

    No items in this section
  • Unit 9: Liberty 0

    Liberty V.s Freedom, Negative and Positive Liberty.

    No items in this section
  • Unit 10: Equality 0

    What is Equality? Significance of Equality. Various dimensions of Equality. How can we promote Equality?

    No items in this section
  • Unit 11: Justice 0

    What is Justice? Different dimensions of Justice, Distributive Justice.

    No items in this section
  • Unit 12: Rights 0

    What are Rights? Where do Rights come from? Legal Rights and the State. Kinds of Rights. Human Rights.

    No items in this section
  • Unit 13: Citizenship 0

    What is citizenship? Citizen and Citizenship, Citizen and Nation, Global Citizenship

    No items in this section
  • Unit 14: Nationalism 0

    Nations and Nationalism, Variants of Nationalism, Nationalism, Pluralism and Multiculturalism.

    No items in this section
  • Unit 15: Secularism 0

    What is Secularism? What is Secular State? The Western and the Indian perspectives to Secularism. Salient Features of Indian Secularism.

    No items in this section
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NCERT JUNCTION In 2008, Mr. Prakash Sir started NCERT JUNCTION focusing especially on home tuitions for class 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th & 6th for various boards like- CBSE, ICSE, & UP. Since 2011, he & his team started teaching other board students like NIOS, IB, & CISCE. Since 2013, Due to limitations of time and demand of students & guardians, Prakash sir arranged separate group tuitions for various classes and subjects. As we all know, NCERT books from class 6th to 12th are much essential for the competency of any government examination. Because NCERT JUNCTION is a pioneer institute to teach NCERT, our methodology to teach is too easy & much helpful as well as essential to achieving a higher rank in various government exams like; UPSC; IAS, IPS, IRS, UP-PCS, Lower PCS, RO, ARO, IAS, UPSSSC PET, Uttar Pradesh Police Constable, Sub Inspector, Gram Vikas Adhikari / VDO, Lekhpal, Banking examination, SSC, CLAT, HMS or any Entrance exams also.


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